Sub – Kingmaker Preview – Game Review


This year, the PubG gaming site has announced the next installment in their ever-growing series of hit games for the Xbox 360. The title, called PubG: Kingmaker, is a real-time strategy game based around diplomacy, exploration, and development. The PC version will launch this fall, but the game will be available for purchase as soon as it launches on the Xbox 360. Here’s a look at what to expect in this title.

In PubG: Kingmaker, players control an imperial ruler of the Han Chinese empire who has been chosen by his cousin, the “Kingmaker,” to reign over the united realm of China. To start, players must decide on a specific campaign map. Players can choose any of three different settings, from the relatively classical Eastern Yangtze Valley to the vast and diverse landscapes of the Southwestern Steppes. Additionally, they can select between historical periods from around the Ming Dynasty to the Nanyang Empire.

As an imperial political leadership, players must develop their own provinces and build up trade routes and armies to defend themselves against invaders. Developing your provinces requires building structures, roads, towns, and other core features. When provinces are developed, they’re also supplied with materials, allowing the player to construct new buildings or even constructing new buildings to help the provincial economy grow.

As an emperor, players will also encounter the threat of the invading Mongols. The Imperial Warlord unit is based on the strong infantry units from the Eastern Yangtze, although its attack ability is an upgraded version of that same strength. The Mongolian Warlord unit is backed up by three different ranged units, including cannon cannons. There’s also a halberd-wielding leader with a siege tower and two infantry units with crossbows.

For the imperial leadership, the PBA’sinclude items like armor, heavy boots, heavy shields, and a Gauss cannon that’re using to attack. Again, there are different maps and settings to choose from, including five different campaigns that involve invading the Western Kingdoms of Western Europe, the Northern Africa, and the Middle East regions. These three maps are also included in the Xbox version. Each map is designed to offer a different challenge, from buildings to high hills to deep forests.

PubG: Kingmaker introduces a strategy mode, in which players are able to interact and play one-on-one with the enemy. There are five difficulty levels, but with the PBA, players will find that each enemy has a specific weakness that can be exploited. This mode works very well with other maps, as each of the AI opponents in the game also have their own challenges, often with strategies tailored to make them feel like they’re working with another person.

Finally, in PubG: Kingmaker, players will have access to the PBA, which lets players train, build, and reinforce troops, including horses and carriages. There’s also a catapult’s unit that lets players catapult attacking troops to their goal. This is also a feature from the PC version, but this is a feature that’s being given the Windows 8 treatment, as a key feature of the PubG: Kingmaker beta.