Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle


Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, like most things in the Dragon Ball series, is about fighting. In this case the fight is against a lot of super baddies who have taken over the universe.

The game is unique in that it doesn’t really have any real story but it is rather very simplistic. It just starts out with you as Trunks and Gohan going to Earth to stop Piccolo from destroying it. After that you are sent off to a whole world filled with some of the worst villains ever put to video.

The game itself is fairly simple to play and even less to beat. Unlike games that have no storyline, this one does. The only major difference between your normal fighting game and the game you are playing is that you can Dodge and block enemies and abilities.

The characters in the game all have their own stories to tell and you need to collect each one before you can beat them all. Each character has a special ability that you will need to learn and master to beat the game and I won’t bore you with all of them here.

Krillin has a special power that allows him to punch through all enemies. Son Goku has a special move that makes him jump high and outrun the monsters that you are fighting. Next there is Raditz who can teleport between each area you are in to deal massive damage to you and his allies.

Nappa has a special power that allows him to Dodge everything that is thrown at him. Vegeta has a special power that lets him take out any enemy that gets close to him. Finally there is Dodoria, who can slow down time.

Dragon Ball ZDokkan Battle is really not much more than a fighting game where you fight a lot of baddies. If you want to play a great game with very little story then you should pick up this game.