Know About The All-Time Top Grossing Apps


There are certain apps that are quite popular amongst people and are used in millions per day. You must be aware of such apps the most famous being YouTube, a google owned app. YouTube is viewed by millions of people per day and is also one of the largest source of information or content in form if videos. The article will focus on few top grossing apps and how they help people. Since these apps generate huge revenues it is clear that people find them productive hence use in large quantity.

Top grossing apps

YouTube is one of the high grossing app that witnesses huge number of viewers per day. It is owned by google hence the benefit indirectly goes to google too.

However there are categories to measure revenues like the overall revenue, app store revenue and google play store app revenue.

When considering the google play store revenue, the high grossing apps are tiktok, picsart, vivavideo.

The high grossing apps in terms of app store revenue are YouTube, picsart,kwai etc.

These are however the top ones, but there are still plenty of apps that generate huge revenue by delivering useful content to people.

Sum up

Apps have made life of people useful to a large extent and the grossing apps are live examples of the same.