Building Defense – A Fantasy Tower Game That’s Easy to Play and Easy to Master


A fantasy tower is a table top game, which combines the very best of both traditional board games and role playing games. This is a game that can be played with friends, family or in front of the computer as well. The game is called “Tower Defense” and the object of the game is to destroy all enemy towers in order to win the game.

The basic game consists of a square game board in which towers are set up on all four sides. There are many different variations of the game and each player starts the game with a number of new castles. Each castle has two components: a basic component and a cosmetic component. The basic component is a larger base that you can rotate into the position of the tower you want to place there. The cosmetic component is a tower that you can place on top of the basic base.

To add a new basic tower to your collection, it needs to be placed on an existing castle. Once the towers are in place, the colors of the various towers get highlighted. After that, it is up to the players to destroy these towers in order to gain points. When the tiles are on the edges of the board, it is the responsibility of the player who built the towers to move them onto the suitable spot and to have the tiles aligned correctly. In addition, the areas on the tiles are called “islands” and are areas where there are no enemies in the tower.

Building Defense is a strategy game that is intended to be played competitively. It has a maximum player count of twenty-four and there are specific rules that determine how many players must play at a time. If you get knocked out during the game, the next player takes over your place. Some variations of the game also include treasure searching, prisoner escapes, and many more.

Each of the castles has some attributes that distinguish it from the others. There are different types of castles, and one of them is the Camp. The reason this tower is called “Camp” is because the basic structure of the castle is just a series of tents. All castles in the game can be put up on the campsite. The walls of the castle are wooden and the roofs are covered with either straw or grass, depending on whether the camp was originally built on grassland.

Each type of castle has some specific traits that separate it from the rest. For example, the Castle on the Peaks has special attack and defense abilities. The most important difference between a castle and a camp is that castles have windows, which allow the buildings to be accessed easily, which the camps do not.

Building Defense has a huge variety of different strategies and is one of the most popular game types of its kind. This game can be played solo with or without a family member or with others online through the Internet.