Most Downloaded App Ever


There are a multitude of applications available on both the App Store and Play store which people are not even familiar with. However, the most downloaded app ever differs on the basis of Android and iOS users. While iPhone users have downloaded a particular application the most in 2019, Android users have downloaded a different application.

Combining the overall downloads, WhatsApp received the most downloads throughout the first, second and third quarter of 2019.

iOS top downloaded application

The application TikTok acquired the highest downloads for the year 2019 according to iPhone users. It was downloaded the most on every iOS device and is currently enjoyed by people all across the globe. Not only does the application enable users to gain a massive fan following through their videos, but it also lets people share meaningful thoughts and DIYs as well.

Android top downloaded application

The application that was downloaded the most from Google Play was WhatsApp according to insights of android user downloads. WhatsApp has not only topped the overall charts, but has also topped the charts of highest downloads from android users. The communication messenger that’s now owned by Facebook is operated by literally every user who possesses a smartphone device.