Siren app 


The siren app was developed by two women who were frustrated with the ”swipe” that was employed by world famous dating applications like Tinder and Bumble. They felt that it use to objectify people and therefore, thought of building their own application. The application was also developed so that it could empower woman needs as nearly every dating application is developed by men.

Aspects of the dating application

The application prevents employing the ideology of objectifying people which is outlined by other dating applications through their swipe feature. People have to send one another a connection request and can communicate accordingly after it’s accepted.

Just like every dating application, mutual consent is essential and Siren employs this as well. Individuals can set their cover photo and post their answers to the questions on their feed; this enables others to like their answers.

How is Siren so different from others?

While operating Siren, individuals have to set up their profile. The application is quite similar to Facebook and enables people to set up a display picture along with a cover photo and update their statuses as well. Users have to answer questions instead of swiping through people; if someone likes their answer, they can forward them a connection request.